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Frequently asked questions‚ general information

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How do I join the club?


Simply click on the New Member Application and apply on line. You can pay on line too with your credit card via Paypal, or just mail a check (you will be emailed payment instructions after you complete your application). YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT TO JOIN! WE JUST USE PAYPAL TO PROCESS YOUR CARD PAYMENTSYou will receive 3 email confirmations accepting your application when credit card payment is successful. 


How do I sign up for a trip?

  • Decide which trips you want to take.
  • Register online to reserve your seat - get email confirmation when payment is received.
  • Fill out ALL the information, including the emergency information (someone not on the trip).
  • Pay by credit card online (for day trips) or send a check or money order for overnight trips to the trip leader, payable to the Cape Cod Ski Club. DO NOT MAIL TO THE CCSC P.O. BOX!


Where do I get the bus?


We ride with Bloom bus lines. The bus loads at the Park and Ride lots at (old exit number / new exit number) Harwich (exit 10 / 82), Barnstable (exit 6 / 68), and Sagamore (exit 1A to Visitor's Information/Parking for Bus). The bus departs:

  • Harwich at 4:30 AM
  • Barnstable at 4:50 AM
  • Sagamore at 5:10 AM

Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time so you are sure to have time to stow your gear and get settled before the departure time. If you miss the bus, try to catch it at the next stop. Fly trips have their own bus pick-up schedules.


What can I expect on the bus?

  • Stow all gear under the bus (Skis MUST be in a travel bag). There is limited storage on the bus --- just bring on what you need on the bus. Ski boots are not allowed in overheads!
  • Change into your full ski clothes at the mountain
  • No smoking on the bus
  • Use headphones with your i-Pod or personal entertainment device
  • Quiet time for sleep until about 7:30 am!
  • Complimentary donuts served --- bring your own beverage!
  • Be considerate when reclining seat if someone is behind you
  • Make a new acquaintance on the bus and make a few runs or your first lift ride with them
  • Arrange to have lunch with Club members
  • Skiing and riding with a group is fun, invigorating, and safer!
  • Upon arrival at the mountain, stay on the bus until the trip leader returns with lift tickets if you need one; you will receive your ticket as you leave the bus. If you have a pass, you can get off the bus.

Question:  What if I have to cancel or the trip is canceled due to insufficient sign-ups?
Answer: If you cancel your day trip reservation 7 days prior to the date of the trip, you will get a full refund credit to your member account. All checks/money orders will be deposited. Cancelation on day trips less than 7 days before departure results in a cancelation fee for the bus portion of the trip. If a trip is canceled by the ski club due to insufficient sign-ups, you will receive full credit for the trip.

All refunds will be credited to your member account. You can apply your own credits when you pay on line by checking the appropriate invoice and payment on your profile page. If you have a credit and are mailing a check, or have enough credit to pay in full, notify the trip leader that you have a credit to apply and send whatever remaining amount is due. Member credits can be applied to any future CCSC trip, event or next year's membership dues.  You can see your invoices and Payments (credits) when you log in and click the pending balance message.  
Overnight trips have varying dates for cancellation and monetary penalties; the trip leader will know the specifics. Overnight/fly trip refunds will not be processed until post-trip reconciliation is complete. For more information on our cancellation policy see our Club Policies.

Refunds will be made by check upon request (or for larger refunds in general). Credit card refunds will be made directly to the credit card used for the payment.  

Question:  What's different about overnight or week-long trips?
  • For trips with bus transportation, departure locations are the same, departure times may vary.
  • If it's a car pool trip, arrange through trip leader to drive or ride with someone.
  • Other than obvious personal packing needs, not much is different from a day trip.
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