About the Club

Information about the Club
The Board of Directors is a group of 13 Club members (seven of whom are elected by the general membership every year) who meet monthly to plan Club activities. If you have any questions about the Club, contact one of them. 
The Cape Cod Ski Club was formed in 1978 by a group of skiing enthusiasts. There are now over 425  members, and of course now, many are snowboarders!  Members range in age from 21 to 80+. Although most members live on or near Cape Cod, some members live as far away as California, Florida and even Europe!

The Club offers many trips to members from December to March including day trips, overnight bus and "U drive" trips and fly trips. Members also organize various off-season activities including kayaking, biking, golfing and sailing. Club news is published periodically via email blasts, Facebook and this website

Read the Club's Policies and by-laws.

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